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We’re back!


We’re back, refreshed and ready for a busy November! And more importantly, happy to be back in warm weather. 🙂

May Re-Cap!

May was such a fun month and it blows me away that it is already over and we’re almost done with the first week of June! May is typically our busiest month – it’s a month we reference all the time such as “I’m pretty busy this week…I’m not MAY BUSY…but I’m busy”. So youContinue Reading

Congrats to Katrina & Robert!

Catching up on my October favorites challenge! This post highlights Katrina & Rob’s wedding on 10/17/12 on Brewer’s Bay. Brewer’s Bay is a beautiful spot for weddings with a ton of great photo backdrop ideas. My favorite element? The ruins of Brewer’s Bay! Check out some more of their photos by Megan Biggs Photography: Gorgeous!