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The day after….

Yesterday was such a crazy fun busy day! Lots of couples enjoy the appeal of a unique wedding date such as yesterdays 11.12.13. I even had one couple chose to be married at 2:15 which in military hours means they were married on 11.12.13 at 14:15! I journaled my day with my iPhone.

To cut down on the craziness of the day, we picked up all our flowers from the florist the day before.


Ignore the half eaten tube of cookie dough in the drawer.

We started with a morning ceremony on Hawksnest Beach, St. John and unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of that to share yet. We were also up early at Villa Botanica to get it ready for a reception that night.


Our bride gave out yummy St. Thomas rum muffins!


She had them in little gift bags with the guests name & table number.

namecard bag

Our afternoon wedding also gave gift bags with sunny sunglasses and fun beer koozies.

sunglass favor

Lots of pretty orange at this event. But this was my fave!


It was a gorgeous afternoon wedding. I tried out my new pano feature on my iPhone.

sand dollar beach

We had another event on Pretty Klip Point – my violinist took this shot!

pretty klip point

How cute is this?

direction sign

On a busy wedding day, this is usually my lunch.


I don’t have any photos of our Magen’s Bay wedding 🙁 congrats to Terri & Rory though!

I loved this signature matte – they asked each guests to sign a heart.


We ended this day with this beautiful cake

wedding cake

I woke up at 5am and got to bed at 11pm. And Marla & Brian were right – it was the best day ever! We already have a booking for 12.13.14 but 3:16pm is still available! 🙂

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