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Congrats Alison & Grant – From The UK!

I know I’ve said it many times before but I love hearing from past brides. Alison sent me this note and a few of her photos from her wedding (thanks Megan Biggs!).

Apologies that this has taken some time to send but Grant and I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to you and Stuart for helping us tie the knot last November.

When communicating purely via email sometimes it can be a little bit testing but from the reviews on your website I felt assured that we had chosen the correct way to tie the knot.

I didn’t expect to be sea sick on my 1st cruise especially as people told me I wouldn’t feel the ship move but on the day of the wedding I amazingly felt great .. Well that was until we were told that the ship couldn’t dock as it normally did but instead it would be berthed and we would be transported to the shore via lifeboat vessels … Oh my word my heart went into full blown overdrive …..

However, on reaching the exit with my parents to see my handsome lad standing there waiting for me I knew that I could overcome this .. And I did 🙂

Due to the delay it was a bit rushed but your husband Scott talked us through the whole process. Gave us a history lesson on route to Lindquist Beach and then it was like “whoa – this place is stunning”

Then the nerves started again when I was left in the car on my own for a short time until you arrived to welcome me and chat …… I almost burst into tears at the sight of my bouquet it was stunning, and will be permanently ingrained in my memory.

It’s funny to hear someone else who really doesn’t know us to talk about our history together like we were best of friends as that’s how it felt when Scott was conducting the ceremony .. But I knew that this was just PERFECT 🙂 and exactly what we wanted, just the two of us and my parents.  Yes it would have been nice to have other family there but it wouldn’t have been the same and it wouldn’t have been us as we are a private couple and like to do things our way.

Lindquist Beach is just stunning, there are no other words that can describe it and the ceremony was exactly us .. And we cannot recommend you, Scott, Megan (photographer) and St Thomas or Lindquist Beach enough …….. Truly AMAZING 🙂

Sailing away….

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Wine Box Ceremony

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