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Ocean Palm Villa, St. John

This was my first event at Ocean Palm Villa on St. John, way past Coral Bay. It’s in a remote little location but you never even need to leave – it has it’s own beach, pool and five star accommodations! This place is ah-mazing.

Jessica put a lot of work into DIY projects and we were there to make sure it all came together. One of my favorites was the photo booth.

I took this photo of the bride walking down the stairs to meet her brother would be escorting her down the aisle. I love happy accident shots like this.

The ceremony – the 2nd picture was taken from inside the house so the color is a little muted but I wanted to show the amazing view.

This was a fun group – the bridal party Gangham Styled down the aisle and during the reception, we staged the Harlem Shake! They went ALL OUT with the costumes, loved it!!

My youngest daughter is a huge fan of penguins – she loved the photo above! I may need to get one of these costumes for her birthday party this summer – I think my husband would look cute in it!

New, fresh and exciting (for me at least)

My new elements are starting to arrive in the mail and yesterdays wedding was the first that I could do one of our newest aisles. I loved the results – what do you think? Nice white starfish, bright green moss balls and beachy driftwood. I love how it all came together. I have a goalContinue Reading

Pinning Away On Pinterest!

That’s right folks…I couldn’t deny it anymore. For months brides have been sending me links to the Pinterest boards and I hated going there, knowing that I was going to get sucked in to hours and hours of browsing boards. This site is amazing! So many cool ideas for people to share with each other.Continue Reading

Best idea ever.

I am so in love with this sign. I might just have one made from Etsy. What do you think? Would you like it at your ceremony?

Perfect welcome party shorts…

I became slightly obsessed with these shorts when I saw them on OneWed’s Facebook page yesterday. I think these would be awesome to wear for a welcome party or even something to change into later at the reception if you’re too warm in your dress. I was a liiiiittlle put off by the $280 priceContinue Reading