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Congrats Anthony & Molly!

This couple was so much fun! They don’t have their pro pictures back yet but Molly sent me some photos given to her by her friends and family…and what a good job they did!

Just as the group arrives at Sapphire Beach Resort for their ceremony on Pretty Klip Point, their hotel called me and said that the transportation had left the mother-of-the-groom behind. Ut oh…I knew the bride was about to be picked up so I called her driver who stated he wasn’t sure how it was possible that they left the mother behind, as the groom was the one that did the headcount and said everyone was all there. We got transport for his mom and she was soon on her way but first, I went up to the groom and very casually said….so, um…is your mom here? And he’s like of course, and starts looking around to see where she is…I say, um, no you left her at the hotel! His groomsmen got a good laugh!

Mom made it in plenty of time to witness a very beautiful ceremony…

Excited to walk down the aisle!

I think the look on her face says, “hey look, there’s your mom!”

We did it!

Congrats Molly & Anthony – you two were a pleasure to work with! Please let me know if you ever surprised your guests with that flying shark!

Two perspectives of the same photo….

Did you see this picture on my Facebook page? And do you want to see how great it came out?? Eric Johnson of Paradise Pictures shot this wedding for us. There’s quite a bit of difference between my iPhone camera and his Canon Super Duper Crazy Professional Camera, huh? (I can’t remember off the topContinue Reading

Such a small world…

Shortly before leaving for Indiana…actually, one day before leaving for Indiana, we had a very small wedding for a beautiful couple staying at Sapphire Beach Resort. These two were so much fun, always laughing. I had picked them up the day before the wedding to take them to the courthouse to pick up their marriageContinue Reading