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Congrats to Anne & Jonathon!

Anne has such a great sense of style. I loved all the elements she put together. This gorgeous wedding was shot by Clary Pfeiffer at the Sand Dollar Estate. The adorable wedding cake was by Island Sweet Stuff. Adorable Pomeranian ring bearer? Brought from home. 🙂

A late thank you is always the best!

Matt & Katie were married last year but I just got this note from her: Matt and I had the most FABULOUS wedding and we couldn’t have been any happier with the way everything turned out. The transformation of the Sand dollar from beach house to wedding/reception site was great. We were worried that stayingContinue Reading

Thanks again Megan!

Megan sent me some additional photos of her wedding set up – this is truly a DIY bride and I love how everything came together. I thought the jute balls were used on the dinner tables but they were actually hanging off the chairs at the ceremony: Megan used a lot of succulents – evenContinue Reading

Goodbye 12/12/12!

I realized today that my last blog post was on the 2nd. Oops! The last two weeks have been crazy busy around here – we have had weddings every day since November 30th! I actually have the next five days off and plan to get caught up on blogs, emails and getting my January inContinue Reading

Special touches..

I love when a bride adds her own special touches to the wedding. Whenever I can, I try to grab photos of these items to share on the blog. I realize I’ve been collecting them for awhile now and figured I’d better get to posting! This wedding was from way back in April (seems likeContinue Reading

Deep love of coral…

Remember that new aisle decor I told you about? Well I don’t have pictures of it in use as aisle decor quite yet. A bride of mine had sent down some elements for her centerpieces to be used at her Sand Dollar Estate wedding in St. Thomas. We were discussing back and forth flowers, noContinue Reading

Sand Dollar Estate Wedding

We do a lot of weddings at Sand Dollar Estate. It’s a wonderful venue, has it’s own beach (which is not always there, depending on the water level), and two great decks for dancing & dinner. I always love it when brides bring a photographer with them from the mainland…it’s very interesting to see anContinue Reading

A feel good wedding…

Don’t Mason jars make you happy? They make me happy. The remind me of growing up in a small town in Indiana – my grandmothers used them to can everything from green beans to strawberry jam. There was a shelf in our basement full of them. They just remind of childhood, which was a great,Continue Reading

All fixed, I hope…

Not my email. I’m still having some problems with that. I found out that my IP provider used to be involved in the porn industry and therefore, a LOT of other IP servers completely blocked it. So I have had a few brides that were not getting emails from me. Still working on getting thatContinue Reading

Meaningful touches…

The most special thing about your wedding day is what you do to make it your own – not what Martha Stewart tells you what to do, but those special touches that are unique to the two of you. These are always my favorite elements of someone’s wedding and so I like to share themContinue Reading