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St. Thomas Photo Booth!

It can sometimes take a little while for wedding trends to make their way to the islands but I’m so glad this one finally did! This a new company on St. Thomas that I am so excited about – St. Thomas Photo Booth!

They did a wedding with us last November, here are some photos I took with my camera. They have this awesome little booth that guests can go inside – before going inside, they pick out the props they want to take with them (the props are included but you’re always welcome to bring your own too).

On one side of the booth is the camera.

And the other side is a little bench for guests to sit on.

And you end up with some pretty awesome images from your friends and family!

Go to their Facebook page right now! Share their site, like their page, get friends to like it too and guess what?! You could win this completely awesome St. Thomas map necklace!

A new addition to the giveaway!

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Introducing our new packages!

Check out our new packages for St. Thomas  And our new packages for St. John! What does this mean for you if you are already booked with an older package? It means you get to choose to keep your old package or switch to a new one. What is you haven’t booked yet but youContinue Reading