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A few more April wedding photos…

All photos are courtesy of our Simple Island Photography team!

We’ve been using these lanterns and moss/twine balls as simple yet elegant decor. Do you like?

I had to share this bouquet – it was a special request from the bride for all greenery and no flowers. I love what the florist made!

Yay for April Weddings!

I wish I could share a picture from each wedding, but I don’t always have access to them. If you have photos you’d like featured on the blog, please share!

Ocean Palm Villa, St. John

This was my first event at Ocean Palm Villa on St. John, way past Coral Bay. It’s in a remote little location but you never even need to leave – it has it’s own beach, pool and five star accommodations! This place is ah-mazing. Jessica put a lot of work into DIY projects and weContinue Reading

A smile at the end of the week.

Scott and Ashley were married at sunset on Trunk Bay. My husband told me, “you have to blog about them, they are just the CUTEST couple. They completely put a smile on my face after a long week.” The cutest thing? Scott and Ashley’s first date was swinging on her grandmothers front porch. How cute!?Continue Reading

Congrats Joanna & Gene!

Joanna and Gene had some touch and go moments with their wedding. First thing to go wrong was the airline sending their luggage to Bogota! The bag had tons of essential wedding day items like the grooms clothing, brides shoes, etc. They started the day with a traditional tea ceremony at the villa. The weatherContinue Reading

Thanks to all our clients…

This is has been a fairly hard week, dealing with the shooting in Newtown, grieving for those lives lost, preparing for the holidays here locally, planning weddings and keeping up with emails. I’ve received a few emails in the past few days that have lifted my spirits: From Jennifer, married on 12/3: I wanted toContinue Reading

Congrats to Nancy & Steven!

We had six weddings on 10/11/12 and I think Nancy was the last one we booked! She is part of my “October favorites challenge” – I would have blogged it sooner, but I just got the photos late last week from her photographer. My favorite element? A blue jean’d groom! Number one rule in weddingContinue Reading

Yet another addition to the giveaway!!

We have two more items to add to the October giveaway – come back later this week for the 2nd one! Today I’m introducing this gorgeous, handmade necklace. I have a deep love for Haiti & it’s people and have been selling these necklaces this year – 100% of the profit goes directly to theContinue Reading

Gibney Beach Weddings

My husband did a wedding last week on Gibney Beach, St. John and immediately came home and said, “you have to do a blog post on Gibney, we need to do more weddings there, it is GORGEOUS”. The photogarpher, Blue Glass Photography, was kind enough to send me some photos: We don’t really do tooContinue Reading

Congrats to Diana & James!

Yet another 10/11/12 wedding! Diana & James were married early on Hawksnest Beach, St. John. We chose an early time to capture the best lighting and to avoid the crowds. Hawksnest was crazy busy with weddings last year on 11/11/11 and I feared that could be true again on 10/11/12. Surprisingly, we were the onlyContinue Reading

Congrats to Kerrie & Nick!

Another 10/11/12 couple, Kerrie & Nick actually live on St. Thomas – but spent a nice five day weekend “wedding-mooning” in St. John. We picked them up from the Westin and headed to Trunk Bay for the ceremony. 10/11/12 was a beautiful day, but in the late afternoon, darker clouds started to roll in. IContinue Reading