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Congrats to Anne & Jonathon!

Anne has such a great sense of style. I loved all the elements she put together. This gorgeous wedding was shot by Clary Pfeiffer at the Sand Dollar Estate. The adorable wedding cake was by Island Sweet Stuff. Adorable Pomeranian ring bearer? Brought from home. 🙂

Villa Botanica…one of my favorites…

Two posts in one day?? Crazy, right? =) I just remembered that I forgot to share these photos from Tim Rothwell. Tim traveled to St. Thomas on the Norwegian Epic with my lovely bride & groom, Mariah & Matt, to photographer their wedding at Villa Botanica on St. Thomas. Villa Botanica is an amazing venue,Continue Reading

Simply the coolest.

I simply loved this bride and groom. You can tell by their photos that they just oooze coolness. They live in New York (cool points), they are artists (more cool points), the groom is originally from the islands (extra cool points). Her veil? Blows the coolness factor out of the water. This couples stayed atContinue Reading

Jack’s Bight

One of my husbands and I favorite restauant in St. Thomas was Jack’s Wings in Tillet Gardens. Before we had kids, we went there at least twice a week to sit at the bar and enjoy everyone’s company. Post kids, we would let the little ones run around the garden and enjoy the fun islandContinue Reading