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Happy Father’s Day!

Ever since I became a mother, the Father Daughter dance makes me cry Every. Single. Time. It must be because I have daughters, because the Mother Son dance does nothing for me. Not even a dampness around the eyes. But man, those Father Daughter dances get me every time. It’s such a special relationship.

See the sweet way he has his hand up on her shoulder? Such a protective & loving gesture.

If you really want to do yourself in, grab a box of kleenex and watch this. I have to leave the room when the DJ starts playing this, and it has nothing to do with me not being a fan of country!

From the first breath she breathed verse just reminds me so much of the first time my husband held our first daughter (doesn’t he look a bit scared!?).

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there – especially those “giving away” their babies this year.

Not a bad commute, eh?

I snapped this photo on my way home from a sunset wedding on St. John last week. All the cars are lined up waiting to get on the ferry and the sun had just about set…

Sunset Ceremony at Secret Gardens.

I helped plan a beautiful sunset ceremony at Secret Gardens on Peterborg, St. Thomas. Secret Gardens & Coral Gardens are two villas right next to each other, sharing the same driveway. They are perfect for renting for large groups – there are NINE bedrooms between the two villas! Our bride had a total of 24Continue Reading

Talk about taking the plunge!

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about this! Ashley Photography grabbed this amazing shot of one of my couples parasailing over St. Thomas after their wedding ceremony. Love this. Can you imagine? The ultimate thrill after taking the plunge. And yes, they are still wearing their wedding clothes!

The next big wedding song…

My husband came home the other day and immediately went to his computer to download this song. He had heard it on the radio and said, “this is the next big first dance song, just wait and see…” It is a gorgeous song, and I agree, it would make a great first dance song! IContinue Reading

By request…

Someone emailed me and asked for more photos of the flowers of our wedding at the St. Thomas Reformed Church – more specifically, the pew decor. It is gorgeous, isn’t it? And they smelled unbelievable. Peonies are a very difficult flower to get here in the island. They are a spring flower, liking the coolerContinue Reading