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Lime Tree Beach Wedding

I took a photo of this set up with my iPhone on Tuesday and posted it to our Facebook page but I have the old version iPhone and the photo was pretty “not great”. But the set up was fabulous! I wanted to share some more pictures taken by a real camera of both the set up at Lime Tree Beach (also known as Bluebeard’s Beach Club) and the reception at Havana Blue. Havana Blue is located at Frenchman’s Reef, which recently underwent renovations. Havana Blue is a great spot for a luncheon or dinner reception.

These flower arrangements were supposed to be up on the candelabras that you’ll see later on at the reception. Unfortunately, because of the breeze, we weren’t able to use them. The candelabras are $750 to replace if they are broken…and um, no one wanted to take that risk! I’m going to rename the candelabras “how to give your wedding planner a heart attack”. The breeze at Havana Blue was a bit…strong…and these things would lean ever so lightly, making my eyes bug out of my head and my heart skip a beat.

I didn’t get a great photo of the rose petals we had put down. The breeze was not to kind to them, scattering them pretty quickly, but the did look lovely on the aisle runner.

The pomanders from the ceremony were reused at the reception…

This was such a fun wedding to work on, I love this set up, so pretty!

Enjoy your Halloween weekend!

Sugar & Spice Luxe Beauty Studios

I have to apologize in advance because I know this blog post is going to sound like an advertisment. It is totally not meant to be! I am not being paid or rewarded for my following rave on Sugar & Spice Studios. As all of my clients know, when I am asked for a recommendationContinue Reading

Poms and stands – need a good home!

A bride of mine that is getting married later this month is looking for a good home for these gorgeous silk pomandors and iron stands. We’ll be using them to mimic this look: Please let me know if you would be interested in doing something similar for your own wedding – if I have enoughContinue Reading

Welcome Me Back! =)

So as most of my clients know, I’ve been home for a little over a week now (actually two weeks! I wrote this last week and it never posted!). But I haven’t had much of a chance to get the blog updated. My laptop is on it’s very last leg. It will definitely be dyingContinue Reading