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$1 Wedding Favors!

I had a completely different blog post in mind today but when I got an email alert from Old Navy about their in-store $1 special for flip flops this weekend, I knew I needed to share:

If you’d like a flip flop basket for your guests, head down to Old Navy tomorrow – but bring your bridal party, your mom, your soon to be mother in law, your coworkers….because it’s a limit of 5 per customer! =)

Perfect for your bridesmaids…

When I was getting married, I found these ridiculously cute “Wet Bikini” bags on some bridal website, no idea now where I saw them (it’s almost 6 years ago that I said “I do!”). They were ridiculously cute, but also exceedingly overpriced. I think they were a crazy $48 each? Well, I just happened toContinue Reading