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July Re-Cap!

I have to say, I’m kind of impressed that my July Re-Cap is getting done by August 8th! Last month was busier than expected and then my trip away got extended a few extra days (I thought I would be back on the 29th but didn’t fly in until the 31st). I had such a great time in Vegas with my friends and it was the first time in a long time that I got to participate in the bachelorette party instead of plan one!

I only saw one wedding while I was in Vegas – the photographer and the couple were taking pictures in front of the fountains at the Mirage. A few years ago it seemed I saw at least a couple of weddings  day in Vegas…maybe everyone is realizing the Caribbean is best?! 🙂

So here we go! July re-cap! Again, if your July wedding is not featured its probably because I don’t have any photos of your day – please send them to me and I’ll be happy to do a blog post on your wedding! I love sharing photos with our clients but I don’t always have them available.

This is one of my favorite types of weddings – more for the adventurous couple that just wants to have fun! It’s perfect for just the two of you or up to 2 other couples. You just rent a boat for the day, get married on a secluded little beach and spend the rest of the day island hopping, snorkeling and having fun!

I need to do a full blog post on this wedding – this reception was so lovely. This was at Bolongo Bay under the tent. Dancing in the sand, waves lapping up near your reception, what could be better right? This is just a teaser, I promise to do a post on just this wedding soon.

And my monthly bouquet dump…I like to post them here before putting them up on our photo album site. 

And I still want to do a blog post just dedicated to boutonnieres.

How cool are these guys? The bride & groom were actually crew members of the Disney Ship. You’d be surprised at how many crew member weddings we coordinate each month!

The following photos and the one above are from Brewer’s Bay. Brewer’s Bay gets mixed reviews but at the same time, I think its a great spot for photos.

I especially love the ruins there for photography.

I love this couple below…and no, they didn’t get married with these shirts on, but they wanted a photo with them so they could submit it to The Chive. I hope they get selected!

And adorable little cake with a good lesson – make sure the cake topper isn’t too heavy for the cake. This cute little couple took a header right into the icing. Thankfully it didn’t break and the only damage was a bit of frosting in the “grooms” hair.

I love creative toasts shots! The photographers usually end up sandy but it’s worth it.

This couple was sooooo sweet! They met in South Florida at a tango class. After the ceremony, they tango’d to three different songs the groom had chosen for them.

Lovely photos from a sunset wedding on Hawksnest Beach – she had on a short dress but you can’t tell in the first photo!

And a morning wedding on Hawksnest. This group arrived via Calypso Charters to Hawksnest for their ceremony – that’s a fun entrance!

Possibly one of my favorite images from July – American Beach Gothic

This couple had all the guests wearing the Hawaiian print shirts and all the ladies had on matching ankle leis – this was on Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas:

And some gorgeous centerpieces from a Sand Dollar wedding. This color scheme is becoming very popular with the mercury glass and silver tones.

The couple had little silver picture frames with photos of themselves dispersed throughout the tables, I thought this was a great little touch.

Another bride opted instead of rose petals or rice, they had a gold pirate coin toss exit! How cute is that! The coins were actually very light plastic so no danger of anyone getting hurt!

A birds eye view of Sand Dollar Beach.

July was definitely “Donkey Season” in St. John. They came out in droves to cheer our couples on (and eat any bouquets they could get their mouths on)!

This couple below sent me some great images captured by Blue Glass Photography – I plan to do a blog post on them soon.

Our white lanterns have become very popular for centerpieces as well as aisle decor. 

I attended the first US Virgin Islands Bridal Symposium – they pushed me into opening a Twitter account. Follow me! (click the Twitter link – but I don’t post often – it still confuses me)

How beautiful is this boat?! Hoping to do a blog post on it very soon.

And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed our July Re-Cap post!

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Congrats to Sherri & Bill

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