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Perfect for your bridesmaids…

When I was getting married, I found these ridiculously cute “Wet Bikini” bags on some bridal website, no idea now where I saw them (it’s almost 6 years ago that I said “I do!”). They were ridiculously cute, but also exceedingly overpriced. I think they were a crazy $48 each? Well, I just happened to be in Rainbow the other day (do you have these stores near you?) and found one almost exactly like it for the wallet friendly price of $5.99! I think they’re perfect for either stuffing in the welcome bag for your bridesmaids or even using it as a mini-welcome bag and stuffing it full of fun stuff (cheesy romance beach novel, lip block, sunblock, mini-rum bottles, bottle of water, cheap pair of shade….).

Something Blue, something so cool!

It’s no secret that I’m a BIG fan of – I browse through there a few times each week. Just hopped on to the homepage today and saw this featured item and! My husband would kill me if I bought another purse (yes ladies, rethink marriage because you will now have to justifyContinue Reading

Bridesmaid Gifts

For my own wedding I had beach bags personalized with my maids initials and filled with with all kinds of goodies like lip balm, suntan lotion, a bottle of local rum, flip flops, a magazine for the beach, snacks, etc, etc. While I still think it was a fabulous gift, here’s another idea that IContinue Reading