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A great local island favor!

I was in one of the higher end grocery stores on St. Thomas last week and saw a little display with these adorable mason jars filled with local rum cake. I immediately thought these would make awesome wedding favors! Locally made local products are always the most sought after favors for island weddings and this one is too cute. Check them out at Virgin Island Rum Cakes!

PS Another great thing about these favors? They’re local so you don’t have to worry about shipping them here or bringing them with you!

$1 Wedding Favors!

I had a completely different blog post in mind today but when I got an email alert from Old Navy about their in-store $1 special for flip flops this weekend, I knew I needed to share: If you’d like a flip flop basket for your guests, head down to Old Navy tomorrow – but bringContinue Reading

Awesome Welcome Bag Ideas

I had to admit this, but I am a knick knack kind of person. I watch the show Hoarders on TV and I’m pretty sure I could slip into that given the right conditions. Unfortunately, the home that I live in has ZERO storage space. It was build in the 1960s as a vacation home.Continue Reading