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Congrats to John & Stacia!

I meant to get this blogged before my trip last month! Stacia was so nice to send me these images from her wedding on Lime Tree Beach, shot by Elisha Orin Photography!

Congrats again Stacia & John, it was such an honor to be a part of your day!

Congrats to Olive & Nathan!

I can’t say how much this video made me smile! It’s just gorgeous – thank you to Chris Angeles Films! Olive & Nathan flew Chris in just to film the wedding and I can see why. Great work! And check out the photos by Elisha Orin Did Olive and Nathan hit the talent jackpot orContinue Reading

Villa Serendipity Wedding

Yesterday was such a beautiful wedding – I just downloaded the images and am going to blog them here – I think that’s the fastest I have ever blogged a wedding! First we had the ceremony at Lime Tree Beach with beautiful mason jars and a full rose petals aisle. This bride chose an amazingContinue Reading

Oppenheimer Beach Weddings

Ah, it’s only March 5th and we’re already 8 weddings into the month! I have to warn you, March/April/May are busy/busy/busy. Please forgive me for any delays in email but please do email instead of call – emails is always the best way to reach me. Now that’s out of the way, please enjoy theseContinue Reading

Goodbye July!

I’m so giddy over the fact that July is just almost over! We had our last wedding of July on Saturday night and it felt like such an accomplishment. Our “busy season” is normally April through June but this year we have been so fortunate to be busy with work that our busy season reallyContinue Reading

Simply the coolest.

I simply loved this bride and groom. You can tell by their photos that they just oooze coolness. They live in New York (cool points), they are artists (more cool points), the groom is originally from the islands (extra cool points). Her veil? Blows the coolness factor out of the water. This couples stayed atContinue Reading

Parasols instead of flowers…

I think this is such a great idea, especially when you have a large bridal party. A maids bouquet can be as inexpensive as $30 but a full sized maids bouquet is typically $75. If you have six maids…yikes, that can add up quick. I love the simple white against the freshness of their blueContinue Reading

Wonderful wedding favors…

We see a lot of wedding favors around here. It’s one of my favorite elements of the wedding day. Last week, a box arrived full of favors for our 1/18/12 wedding and after showing them to my husband he declared, “those are the nicest wedding favors I think I’ve ever seen”. It’s nice to haveContinue Reading

Lime Tree Beach Wedding

I took a photo of this set up with my iPhone on Tuesday and posted it to our Facebook page but I have the old version iPhone and the photo was pretty “not great”. But the set up was fabulous! I wanted to share some more pictures taken by a real camera of both theContinue Reading

Amy & Greg’s Wedding!

I am sooo far behind on my blogging! Do you know I have a list saved on my desktop that says “BLOG” full of things I want to share? Some of them are really simple posts, wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to blog about…but, I did a very important wedding last month for aContinue Reading