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Flying Flowers

We do a lot of our weddings at Lindquist Beach and there can be a good breeze there. There is nothing worse then putting down rose petals, only to have them blow away. It’s like watching dollar bills rolls down the beach. Sometimes there is no breeze at all and the petals stay perfectly in place as our bride walks down the aisle. A breeze is about as predictable as a sneeze.

On days when the breeze is particularly strong, I’ve made the executive decision to not put the petals down. In these events, I keep them safely tucked away until after the event, and let the photographer know that “we have petals” wink wink. After the group shot, he or she gives me the nod, and I pass out the petals to the guests. Then on que, the magic happens as the petals are tossed into the air and engulf the happy couple…

Precious, isn’t it? Thanks to Blue Glass Photography for passing this photo along for me to share.

We’re home!

We made it back to the islands earlier this week and are glad to be back. Although, after viewing the images of this wedding we had in June on St. John, at the lovely A La Mer Villa, I wish THIS were home!! Check out this back yard!! And the front yard isn’t too shabbyContinue Reading

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Five blissful years of happiness with my wonderful husband! We were married 5 years ago, on May 28th, 2005. Pictures by Paradise Pictures, ceremony & reception at Oceana. I can’t believe we are already at five years! Two beautiful kids later, a wonderful wedding business, life just couldn’t be better! I had just gotten intoContinue Reading

Wedding Gifts

Did you and your husband/wife exchange gifts to each other on your wedding day? Do you plan to if you are engaged? There are two schools of people in this category – those that do and those that don’t. Those that don’t either don’t know that this is something that they can do, or theyContinue Reading

Something to be thankful for…

Chenoa and Mike renewed their wedding vows earlier this month on Magen’s Bay. There are many different reasons why a couple will decide to renew their vows…they hit & survived a rough patch and want a new beginning…they are celebrating a big milestone anniversary…their mainland wedding wasn’t their dream wedding and they want the sandContinue Reading

A Photographer’s Wedding

My dear friend, EJ of Paradise Pictures, was married last Saturday at the St. Thomas Reformed Church. I was very honored to have EJ ask me to handle the day of coordination for him and his beautiful bride Ashlee. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous church setting. The St. Thomas Reformed ChurchContinue Reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my brides, past & future! Congratulations to all those couples that said “I Do” in 2008, to those that will say it in 2009 and especially to all those couples who said, “I will” over the holidays. Looking forward to an amazing 2009…

Love these colors!

Remember that beautiful cake from my last post…see the groom’s tie and the bride’s fan? How perfect! These pictures were taken my our very talented photographer, EJ of Paradise Pictures. This little lookout spot is known as Drake’s Seat. The views of Magen’s Bay and the British Virgin Islans are unbeatable! And I just hadContinue Reading

New ways to preserve….

Occasionally I have a bride that asks me about preserving their bouquet. We do actually have a vendor on St. Thomas now that can help with this process. It does involve boxing the bouquet on dry ice and shipping it off island – overall, it’s an expensive process. And in the end, you just endContinue Reading

Cake Toppers

When a bride plans a destination wedding, many don’t think of their cake toppers as top priority. Well, I guess when any bride plans her wedding, a cake topper isn’t a top priority! Many destination brides are looking for ways to keep their luggage light and hauling a cake topper with them just doesn’t makeContinue Reading