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Because I’m a sucker for seahorses…

I just love the seahorse place cards I saw on lately. Aren’t they adorable?? TimelessPaper has a whole series of nautical themes that I think are just too cute.

Save The Dates!

I’m so glad wasn’t around when I was planning my wedding in 2005. I’m so addicted to buying things there for my two young daughters, I can’t even imagine how much stuff I would have bought for my wedding! Out of curiosity today, I jumped over to the wedding section and typed in BEACH.Continue Reading

Ring Pillows!

Ah, lovely ring pillows! I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever had a wedding with a ring pillow in the Caribbean…except maybe my own! I had to dig DEEP to find this photo of my ring pillow – I had it saved on my shutterfly account from three years ago. I don’t rememberContinue Reading