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Congrats to Krystal & Jamie – what a wedding!

Krystal had been planning for months to surprise her groom with an over top “Bachelor” style wedding. Krystal asked me if I ever saw the mega dates on The Bachelor – she wanted something grand! And her idea of the seaplane was definitely something awesome!

The plane touching down in the water:

I’m wondering if the groom was thinking, “did they really have to land that plane now, while we’re trying to take pictures?!”

But I bet he was so excited to see it was for him!

Taking off for their tour:

Thank you to Seaborne Airplanes for this amazing service! And thank you to Alain of Blue Glass Photography for taking these beautiful images! Stuart Scott officiated and HiDef Video took video, which I can’t wait to see!

Wedding Videos…

I’ve seen a decline in brides requesting videographers for their wedding over the last year. I blame it on economy. I think brides think “I’m already paying for photography so video needs to go” when trimming the budget. While I think you need to do what is best for you, your wedding and your financialContinue Reading

Lime Tree Beach Wedding

I took a photo of this set up with my iPhone on Tuesday and posted it to our Facebook page but I have the old version iPhone and the photo was pretty “not great”. But the set up was fabulous! I wanted to share some more pictures taken by a real camera of both theContinue Reading

They may even still be on their honeymoon…

Jennifer & Sean were just married last week, but they had HiDef Video put together a smaller version of their wedding video to share with loved ones as soon as they returned home. A larger version will be edited but for now, I love the sneak peak! Jennifer and Sean from High Definition Video LLCContinue Reading

A beautiful sunset

Stephanie hired Island Bliss Weddings to help her pull off her St. John wedding. She really didn’t need coordination, but just assistance with the ceremony set up on the beach – an arch, chairs, etc. We’re happy to offer whatever services a bride needs, even if it something simple like arranging favors & centerpieces onContinue Reading

Caribbean Tourism Organization

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take part in a mini-trade show that the US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism was sponsoring for the Caribbean Tourism Organization. I actually took a part of it with the St. Thomas & St. John Wedding Association. It was really a fun way to meet travelContinue Reading