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February Recap!

I take so many pictures at weddings during the month with plans to blog certain things or use as a Facebook photo and I often never get around to it or simply forget that I have the photo. I’m diligent about filing my photos in folders each month and since I have this wonderful photo database, I decided to try something new: a monthly post featuring things from that months weddings! So either the last couple days or the first few days of each month, I will make a blog post of my favorite photos from the previous months weddings & events. I’m pretty excited about this new plan and getting to share items that may have previously just sat in my folders!

A gorgeous wedding on Water Island’s Honeymoon Beach

A fun little baby’s breath boutonniere (wrapped in twine):

Beachside reception at St. John’s Oppenheimer Beach

The very best way to travel to your wedding – a golf cart! (also on Water Island)

Loooooooved this groom’s seahorse tie clip!!

Absolutely gorgeous weather at every single wedding this month (this one at Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas):

Palms, palms, palms, on Magen’s Bay

And at Brewer’s Bay…

And pink champagne!

Best surprise of February?

Thank you so much to all my vendors & clients who voted for me!

Congrats to all our February couples!

Congrats to Jenna & Chadd!

As per my previous post, I will be posting one of my favorite elements from each wedding this month, as it is my favorite month of the year! Jenna & Chadd were married on Oct 1st on Magen’s Bay after arriving on the Carnival Victory. Jenna had a lot of wonderful touches that she mailedContinue Reading

US Virgin Island Etsy Beach Wedding!

I am a fan of MODWedding on Facebook which means I get daily updates in my news feed containing some pretty cool ideas for weddings. It’s not “destination wedding” oriented though so while some of the ideas are very cool, they don’t really translate well for our weddings here. That changed yesterday though when theyContinue Reading

A Bliss Baby!!

And NO, it’s not MY baby! =) Eric & Jenny were married in St. Thomas on Magen’s Bay this past May. They were a great team to work with – very laid back and very much in love. You could feel the excitement in the air on their wedding day, their friends & family hadContinue Reading

More fun with rum!

As promised… Cruzan Rum is locally made here in the Virgin Islands, which makes it a perfect “local favor”. It comes in many different flavors (my favorite is the coconut flavor – mix it with Coke and it tastes like a suntan!). Jenny & Eric were married last night on Magen’s Bay They then movedContinue Reading

Wedding Gifts

Did you and your husband/wife exchange gifts to each other on your wedding day? Do you plan to if you are engaged? There are two schools of people in this category – those that do and those that don’t. Those that don’t either don’t know that this is something that they can do, or theyContinue Reading