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Sweet Seahorse!

seahorse at Lindquist Beach

This little photograph is causing quite the media sensation here in St. Thomas! Alain Brin of Blue Glass Photography captured this sweet little seahorse at Lindquist Beach while testing out some new camera equipment with his wife Soolan (both of which have shot many of our weddings!). It is very rare to see a seahorse here in the Virgin Islands unless diving off a St. Croix or getting married by Island Bliss! Alain shot our wedding this morning (congrats Amy & Bryan!) and I joked that I’m tempted to go sit underwater at Lindquist until I see one. Alain said it would be possible! Someone told him that once you see one, you know others are nearby. Now if I could only find the time…

I adore this favor idea…

I’ve looked around on Pinterest a little lately at destination wedding favors. I’ve had a few brides recently asking for ideas so I was looking for something new & unique. I think I found it! Fedoras for the boys: Shawls for the ladies: S Or a fun help yourself station with fans, hats, shawls, etc:Continue Reading

Wine Box Ceremony

I’m sure everyone knows what the unity candle is and many of you know about the sand ceremony (a unity candle for the beach in essence) but I don’t know if everyone is as familiar with the wine ceremony? This is where the bride & groom box up a bottle of wine with love lettersContinue Reading