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Congrats Anthony & Molly!

This couple was so much fun! They don’t have their pro pictures back yet but Molly sent me some photos given to her by her friends and family…and what a good job they did!

Just as the group arrives at Sapphire Beach Resort for their ceremony on Pretty Klip Point, their hotel called me and said that the transportation had left the mother-of-the-groom behind. Ut oh…I knew the bride was about to be picked up so I called her driver who stated he wasn’t sure how it was possible that they left the mother behind, as the groom was the one that did the headcount and said everyone was all there. We got transport for his mom and she was soon on her way but first, I went up to the groom and very casually said….so, um…is your mom here? And he’s like of course, and starts looking around to see where she is…I say, um, no you left her at the hotel! His groomsmen got a good laugh!

Mom made it in plenty of time to witness a very beautiful ceremony…

Excited to walk down the aisle!

I think the look on her face says, “hey look, there’s your mom!”

We did it!

Congrats Molly & Anthony – you two were a pleasure to work with! Please let me know if you ever surprised your guests with that flying shark!

A late thank you is always the best!

Matt & Katie were married last year but I just got this note from her: Matt and I had the most FABULOUS wedding and we couldn’t have been any happier with the way everything turned out. The transformation of the Sand dollar from beach house to wedding/reception site was great. We were worried that stayingContinue Reading

Congrats Tasha & Walter!

Another gorgeous Lindquist Beach wedding shot by the talented Kelly O!

Congrats Chantal & Brian!

Chantal & Brian enjoyed their destination wedding May 1st on Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas! The photos below were taken by Brian’s best man.   It was a beautiful sunset wedding! Although Lindquist Beach faces east (therefore away from the sunset), it’s still one of my favorite sunset beaches. The soft lighting is perfect for photos.Continue Reading

A Must For St. John USVI Weddings!

Are you planning a destination wedding on St. John? Then this is a MUST for your trip! If it’s just the two of you eloping, definitely make plans to stop by Mongoose Junction in Cruz Bay to check out The Tap Room. If you’re bringing friends and family down to celebration with you? Consider TheContinue Reading

Congrats Kim & Tyler!

Kim and Tyler were married on May 8th on St. Thomas. They stayed at the Sugar Bay Resort and had their ceremony on Lindquist Beach. Kim hired Simple Island Photos for her photography and had an hour of photos at the hotel before going to the courthouse and then on to the ceremony, where theContinue Reading

Taming the Beasts

I stole that title from an article on WeddingBee – if you have children, you know it’s appropriate! I’ve been meaning to blog this for awhile, I took this picture of one of my April brides name cards: This adorable little giraffe was attached to the baby’s name card! Any new mother would appreciate suchContinue Reading

Happy New Year!!

It’s no lie, I like a theme. They are so not necessary but oh so fun. Took some time today and looked up “New Year’s Wedding” on Pinterest…some of my favorites:

Emerging from my holiday cocoon…

The last few days have been so quiet and low key. We had a wedding yesterday, very simple, just the two of them…but how hard it was to leave the house! I’ve felt like living in my pajamas 24/7. It was a busy (BUSY) November and December and the last week of December has beenContinue Reading

Maho Bay Wedding

I love this photo I snapped of the bride & groom exiting the aisle after their wedding on Maho Bay. The bride has a big grin on her face and the officiate has turned around looking at a boat that just blew a conch shell as soon as the bride & groom were pronounced husbandContinue Reading