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I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in so long! The last two weeks of February and the first two weeks of March are busy, busy, busy…but I have a long list of things to blog about! One of which has to do with the following two photos:

Above photo by the amazing Eric Johnson of Paradise Photos

But you’ll just have to wait to find out why. We have two more weddings to finish off the week!

Another amazing photography contest!!

Elisha Orin is giving away an amazing album to one of the lucky brides using her services this spring! Check out her blog for more details: PS Above is one of my fave images she took of my girls last October. Love!

Happy Holidays!

I took my girls to visit Santa on Sunday. The little one is still a bit afraid of the big guy and did not want to sit on his lap. Normally, I am a big fan of the Santa photos with terrified children – but my oldest was doing so well, was so excited toContinue Reading