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My ?? turned into a !!

We did a wedding last week at Villa Botanica, one of my favorite locations. My bride told me that the caterer was helping her put the favors together, which would be “cupcakes in a jar”. I kind of had to think about that one, cupcakes in a jar?? I wasn’t quite sure how that would work out. So when the caterer arrived, I definitely needed to check it out. And that’s when my ?? turned into a !! These things were adorable!!

I took pictures before they were fully assembled. They used ribbon to tie a spoon to them and were set out prior to the guests leaving, so they could take the little snack with them. I think it would have been adorable with a little silver gellato spoon as well.

Spicy Favors!

Heading to bed after an awesome welcome party at Iggies tonight, but was just going through some pictures from last week and wanted to share this favor that our bride gave out to her guests. This was from our Rhumblines wedding on St. John. Look how cute these little straw bags are: And inside? AContinue Reading

A taste of Morocco…

I’m 100% impressed with the work this bride put into the details of her wedding day. Guests were coming up to me left and right, complementing me on what a wonderful job I did and each time I had to tell them that all the credit went to the bride – all I did wasContinue Reading

Sorry Disposable Camera Industry

I know you’re not going to appreciate this post. But these days, I just don’t see your relevance anymore. Everyone owns a digital camera and almost everyone knows how to upload their images to the internet. I just feel that the days of leaving a disposable camera on the reception tables are long gone. ButContinue Reading

Adorable favor idea…

I am a favor nerd, I will totally admit it. Cake and favors are the two things I totally look forward to when I attend a wedding. Which is probably not what a lot of brides want to hear since the big trends lately have drifted to dessert tables instead of cakes and charity donationsContinue Reading