Xtreme Wedding!

I’ve been wanting to blog about this wedding for a couple of weeks now but needed to wait until the photographer had some photos for me to share. I had my camera with me but I knew there was no way I was going to be able to capture the magic of this wedding the way their photographer could! Bob & Mollie brought their own photographer with them from home – Greg Wyatt of Greg Wyatt Photography

Check out Mollie & her maids. Don’t they look great? I love the colors.

Bob & Mollie were married at Casa Del Mar on the northside of St. Thomas. This villa is situated right on the face of a cliff…it makes for very dramatic views…

Now…you may be wondering why I am referring to this as an “Xtreme Wedding”…well, a few days before the wedding, I met with Mollie at the villa to determine the best spot for the ceremony. Bob had picked out a small grassy area with a tall palm tree….right on the cliff! There were very limited ways to get to this area but we were able to have the bridal party climb down a fairly rocky path with the help of the groomsmen…(I took the next three photos with my camera)…

The groomsmen helping their next maid…

And see how close they are to the edge of the cliff?? The officiant told me after the ceremony that she has a fear of heights! She told me the entire time, there was a voice in the back of her head saying, “if you take three steps back, you’ll fall off the cliff” – even though she knew she wasn’t going to take three steps back, she couldn’t get the voice to shut up!

Here are all the guests gathered around the deck to watch the ceremony down below…

It was hard for me to get a shot of the bride & groom during the ceremony so I give MAJOR applause to Greg Wyatt for his very hard work! I have to imagine that this type of set up is probably a photographers worse nightmare! He has some really wonderful photos of the ceremony and I hope to share some soon – here is one that I took…

And one more from Greg…

Congratulations Bob & Mollie!!

2 Responses to Xtreme Wedding!

  1. mrosev14 says:

    That wedding was beautiful. I can relate with the officiant–that’s scary.

    I still can’t get the St. John wedding out of my head. I have been talking back and forth with you through email for a while now and we have paused the wedding plans until things settle with my future father in law’s health; however, that St. John wedding is stuck in my head. I showed it to my fiancee the other day, I constantly find myself pulling up your blog to looks at it!

    I love you blog. 🙂

    Meghan Rose Vesey

  2. Mollie says:

    Thanks, Janelle for the write up on our wedding! I love that you call it Xtreme wedding!!! I feel awful for Deb – I had no idea! ha 🙂 Greg did an amazing job with the photos – glad you were able to share some!
    Thanks again, wish we were back there!
    ~Mollie & Bob