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Get the Best Rest before your Wedding Day!

Your big day is getting closer, and you’re excited, but the stress is killing you. Maybe you’re worried that you won’t fit into your dress, or you’re concerned about the logistics of getting all of your guests in the same place at the same time.

This stress can affect you in some negative ways. You may get grumpy and irritable or struggle to make all of the necessary wedding decisions. You may also struggle to sleep well. Fortunately, there are some proven ways to get better rest, even when you’re stressed.

Get Moving
When you’re stressed, you may not feel like moving at all. In fact, you might feel more like curling up on the sofa and binge-watching your latest Netflix favorite. However, staying sedentary and numbing your stress isn’t going to help you feel better or sleep better.

Instead, get off your couch and exercise. People who exercise regularly are more likely to sleep better. You don’t have to do a high-intensity workout or anything. Simply walking for 30 minutes can help you sleep.

This tactic will work best if you already have an exercise routine, or if you develop one as you plan your wedding and the stress mounts. While exercise does, indeed, help people sleep better, individual exercise sessions don’t seem to make much of a difference. It’s the overall lifestyle pattern that helps you get healthy rest. All the more reason to get that workout in!

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Good Mattress
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Find a Mattress You Love
If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t sleep as well. One way that discomfort may be distracting is if your mattress messes up your spinal alignment during the night. You want to keep your spine as neutral as possible, so it isn’t torqued or twisted in any particular direction. Spinal misalignment can cause nighttime restlessness and daytime discomfort.

Since you’re getting married soon, there’s no better time to choose the perfect mattress with your significant other. Find one that works well for both of you. Then get yourself to sleep on it at a reasonable hour every night, so you are rested for your big day!

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Rehearsal Dinner

The Night Before
While your rehearsal dinner can be one of the most exciting celebrations before your wedding, it also has some pitfalls when it comes to sleep. Most rehearsal dinners are delicious, and many involve toasts and drinking quite a bit of alcohol. Unfortunately, both of these things can interrupt your sleep.

If you want to eat a lot at your dinner, try to plan it as early as possible. Otherwise, make sure you don’t overeat and don’t indulge in heavy food. Alcohol might be even worse, as it disrupts your sleep patterns and makes you feel like you want to be awake when you should be sleeping.

It’s entirely possible to get the sleep that you need, even when you’re stressed about your upcoming wedding. Follow these tips, and you should wake up rested and ready to go on your big day.