Couples are always looking for a bridal party gift that is outside of the box. We all know that everyone loves their tumblers these days and I am in love with these Caribbean Surf Shop tumblers by Corkcicle. A recent bride gave these to everyone in her bridal party (and me too! Best way to see your wedding planner squeal with delight is to give her a wedding favor lol!) and filled it with essentials like sunscreen, mini-Cruzan Rum, Advil, etc.

We had a wedding a few years ago (anniversary coming up actually! Congrats Erin & Jarrod!) where the couple made custom Tervis tumblers for their guests. Everyone was staying at Sand Dollar Estate and this was a genius idea to keep the amount of dirty dishes down, as everyone had their own glass. Some of them were personalized to a hobby they enjoyed, something funny between them & the guest, and for me, they made me this awesome tumbler that I use all the time!

Just some fun ideas to keep in mind when considering gifts for the guests or bridal party. Have you seen something unique? What did you do for your wedding? Share with me at