I am way behind on my “favorite elements” challenge for October – if I didn’t get to your wedding, I promise I will do so by the end of November! November is yet again a very crazy busy month for us with a crazy busy December to follow. I’m looking forward to January! (not really, I always get the post-holiday blue, I miss Oct/Nov/Dec when they are over!).

I had to get Jerry & Jami on the blog today though – their wedding was yesterday morning on Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas. With my October challenge, I was always looking for my favorite element of the wedding. The moment the bride stepped out of the car and told me her rooster story, I knew it would be the roosters! She told me many years ago she had gone to a psychic and what else but love topics come up with a psychic? The psychic told her she kept seeing roosters everywhere. Wouldn’t you know that Lindquist Beach is covered with roosters?! The bride stepped out of the car and there must have been 20 of them with their chickens running around!

Of course we made sure to get a picture of the bride & groom with the roosters. Kelly O was their photographer but I was in charge of throwing bread combs in front of the couple to get them to cooperate. Kelly got some amazing photos – the photo below is NOT hers! I don’t have a copy of Kelly’s work yet – this photo is just one I snapped in between bread crumb duty:

St. Thomas wedding packages

Virgin Island weddings

I love these kind of stories. When I was a senior in college, my roommate and I went to a psychic. The only thing I remember about the session was she told me I would meet a man that would take me closer to the sea. Less than a year later, I was practically engaged to my now husband and less than 3 years from that session, I was moving to St. Thomas!