I posted this picture on our Facebook page last night (excuse the poor iPhone quality photo!). I believe this is the first time I had a couple bring down their furbaby for their wedding! I love it – little Skylar got all dressed up to celebrate with mommy & daddy. So cute! I thought she’d make a good laugh for all of you about to start your weekend…

And for another laugh…this week has been very crazy busy with weddings. I’ve been running around a lot this week and haven’t carved out a lot of time to feed myself. On my way to set up for my wedding yesterday, I grabbed a snack bag of Oreo cookies at the gas station. This morning, I was getting my girls in the car to take them to school and my four year old sees the empty bag of cookies. Our conversation follows:

Marley: “Are those cookies??”
Me: “Yes, but they are all gone.”
Marley: “WHO ATE THEM?”
Me: “Well, they were for work….”
Marley: “So a bride ate them?”
Thinking it will save me a lot of grief for eating them all and not saving her any, Me: “Yes, the bride wanted them for her snack.”
Marley: “Cookies are not a healthy snack.”
Me: “Yes, but a bride can have whatever she wants on her wedding day.”
Marley: *puckering her bottom lip* “I wish it was my wedding day.”