Dear Beautiful Bride & Handsome Groom, 

So I am here this week:

I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to think you were bothering me if you emailed or called. I’m in Vegas until Monday to celebrate a friends upcoming wedding (otherwise known as a bachelorette party, right?! Celebrate upcoming wedding sounds classier though). But I am working while I’m away, I really am! Yesterday I sent out ALL of our flower confirmation emails (an email to go over the flower order for each wedding) for our August brides and then I went out and hit the strip. A few hours later, I came back and checked my email and I only had 1 response and it was not a response from a confirmation email. That was a huge red flag for me…I usually get responses to flower confirmation emails within minutes. But it was 1am Las Vegas time and that means 4am Virgin Islands time and well…I went to bed. But I checked it as soon as I woke up, called my husband and said, “honey, did you get any of the 5 emails I sent you yesterday?” and when I found out he did not…and then sent myself some test emails and received nothing back….well, let’s just say that snapped me out of vacation bliss!

The IT department can’t figure out what is going on (and yes, I reset my outgoing email server to match the hotels, that is not the issue). They are working on the problem but in the meantime, I’ve discovered that I can get emails to go out if I send them from the lobby. Sigh…I guess that means a lot of slot machines and Starbucks in my future!

So long story short…please don’t hesitate to email me while I’m away. Yes, I’m on vacation but I never take a vacation away from work. I’ll be in and out of the hotel working in between shopping and spa treatments and OH MY I’M GOING TO SEE ROD STEWART ON SUNDAY!!!! ROD STEWART!!! I can’t can’t can’t wait! Love me some Rod Stewart….by in any event, yes, I will also be working. 🙂 I wanted to make you aware of my IT problems though because I hate not getting back to my clients in a timely fashion and want you to be aware that there may be some delays although I’m trying very hard (and drinking lots of Starbucks) to make sure that the delay isn’t too long.

I’ll be back on island and going through Starbucks withdrawal starting on Tuesday.

Viva Las Vegas! (and Rod Stewart)


PS We are all caught up on emails so if you emailed me recently and did not get a response, please resend the email. We’re not sure the extent of the email issue.