Shortly before leaving for Indiana…actually, one day before leaving for Indiana, we had a very small wedding for a beautiful couple staying at Sapphire Beach Resort. These two were so much fun, always laughing. I had picked them up the day before the wedding to take them to the courthouse to pick up their marriage license and just like I mentioned in my post before I left, the “where are you from” question came up. It just so happens that they live in town right next to my parents! Had I been able to get their certified marriage license back from the courthouse by time I left, I would have been able to hand deliver it!

We took the photo above on the grounds of Sapphire Beach Resort, right next to Pretty Klip Point. There is a high site fee for use of the Point for weddings, so we actually had the ceremony down the beach on Little Pelican (see photo below). The point is a great place for photos though – the background with St. John & Tortola is just breathtaking! I really had a great time at this wedding – it’s always nice to be around Hoosiers!