I am so behind on my blogging – I’ve had some absolutely beautiful weddings this week that I am so excited to share. But, it’s getting late and I’m getting way too tired. For now, I’m just going to post this picture from my wedding this morning – look at that wave in the background!!

I will definitely be posting a lot more photos of this wedding. The bride added so many personal touches, I love that. And I can not wait to share with you a photo of my bride from earlier this week. Her. Dress. Was. Killer. Totally my style. Don’t get me wrong…all of my brides are beautiful in their dresses (case in point, check out the bride in the photo above – GORGEOUS!) but…this particular dress was exactly what I would wear if I could ever talk my husband into a vow renewal. Loved it. So check back in the next few days, I won’t keep in you the dark for long. =)