Monthly Archives: January 2010

Keep on checking

those SPAM filters. I don’t know how to fix the problem, but a lot of my emails are ending up in spam boxes. We did get the problem solved with the emails getting there – all my emails should be arriving…but again, I’d say half of them are ending up in spam boxes. So please check your spam filter!

Etsy Highlight

I should start doing these Etsy highlights every once in awhile. I know I like it when someone points something out on their site! I saw these this morning and think they are just one of the coolest weddings gifts – so simple and something I think a bride would cherish for years and yearsContinue Reading

Something on the water…

I get this request a lot from brides looking for a luncheon or dinner location for their guests. We did a wedding last month on Oppenhiemer Beach, St. John and hosted the dinner right on the porch of the pavillion that is there on the beach. We had originally planned to have the dinner rightContinue Reading

You like videos, right?

Sure you do! I don’t know if it’s my internet connection or not, but it took FORVER for this 4 minute video to download on YouTube. Hopefully those stateside do not have to wait as long. But if you do, it is TOTALLY worth the wait. I suggest turning the music off on your computer,Continue Reading

Worse than I thought!

If you have been waiting for more than 5 days for an email from me, please email me again! It’s recently come to light that some of my emails aren’t even making it into Spam folders, they’re just not showing up anywhere! Yet, oddly, I can forward sent messages from my sent folder from myContinue Reading

SPAM Filters!

If you have been waiting for an email from me, please check your spam folder to see if my response got caught up in there. I’ve been using Yahoo Small Business services since I started Island Bliss Weddings and I think Yahoo has done something recently to upgrade their spam filters. Unfortunately, I’m getting aContinue Reading


Dear Everyone, I do apologize for my lack of blog posts – I have many ideas in que that need to be blogged. But I do want to put everything on the back burner for just a moment so that we can shed some attention on the situation in Haiti. I want everyone to knowContinue Reading

Just a little ways away!

Now that the holidays are fully over (so sad, I’m going to miss them!), I am getting bombarded with emails from brides that have been putting off their planning until after the holidays. It’s kind of fun to watch my inbox fill up…there are the brides that vowed to email me before 2009 was over,Continue Reading