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For those that love the beach….

but not so much the sand…

A good friend of mine on St. Thomas introduced me to Sand Witch. It may seem odd, but I do get a lot of brides that want to be married “by the beach, but not so much in it”. This just may be the perfect solution for them!

Just sprinkle on your feet and it keeps the sand off! Or you can even put it on your sandy feet and then the sand just falls right off. This would be perfect to have at a beach ceremony for guests to put on before or after the ceremony. I thought this was a great idea to add to guests welcome bags as well. They have free sample sizes – I think it would be a great idea to contact them and see if you can buy a ton of the sample sizes – easy for you to bring down to the islands and toss in OOT bags or have in a pretty basket at the beach for guests to use.

I (usually) know what I’m talking about….

I never try to hide the fact that I’ve only lived on island since Fall of 2004 and have really only been a “real wedding planner” since Spring of 2005. Seeing as I have only lived on island for less than 6 years, I know a lot about the islands but I definitely never pretendContinue Reading

In case you missed it on today…

10 Unbelievable Wedding & Marriage Records

Wedding Gifts

Did you and your husband/wife exchange gifts to each other on your wedding day? Do you plan to if you are engaged? There are two schools of people in this category – those that do and those that don’t. Those that don’t either don’t know that this is something that they can do, or theyContinue Reading

Bored? Not at MY wedding!

LOL…we did a beautiful wedding last month at Villa Botanica, which is located on the top of Crown Mountain in St. Thomas. There are a few different ceremony sites to chose from in the location and the bride chose to be married in the garden. We place programs on each chair. The front side hadContinue Reading

Some more from my cheat photo yesterday…

I was just looking through the wedding photos from the wedding I posted about yesterday. It reminded me how popular the color orange has been lately. It really does POP against the blues & whites of the beach.

Just a little cheat…

Ok, so I’m determined to make my goal of 17 blog posts this month and I realized I really need to do one blog post a day until the end of the month to make that goal. So I’m going to cheat today and just share a photo of a fun wedding we had lastContinue Reading

Back to the grindstone…

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! We took the family over to Tortola and spent the night at Myett’s in Cane Garden Bay. It is a perfect honeymoon spot! I love how close we are to the BVI. It was just a 30 minute ferry ride from St. Thomas. My girls had the bestContinue Reading

Herve Restaurant

I had the pleasure of working with Herve Restaurant earlier this month on a wedding. It was a small group, less than 20, and Herve has the perfect wine room for smaller groups. I went up to the venue earlier to set up the centerpieces and grabbed a few pictures with my camera. I loveContinue Reading

Canvas Prints! Go big, or go home…

Or go small and do a grouping of four, that would be cool too! I think there has been a trend in recent years for people to order framed canvas prints of their professional photography, as opposed to traditional framing. Pretty much every professional photographer out there can or will offer this product and itContinue Reading