Monthly Archives: September 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

Island Bliss Weddings is in fabulous Las Vegas this week to attend the wedding MBA. It’s been very informative, not to mention fun. Being in Vegas reminded me of a thank you card my husband received from a bride & groom last year and I just had to post it and show you. The Virgin Islands Montessori School puts on a Las Vegas Night fundraiser every year and one of the staff wanted to actually get married at Las Vegas night and have an Elvis impersonator as the officiate. Who better than my husband, Stuart Scott, of USVI Services?? Didn’t he make a great Elvis?

Better than these bozo’s that I met on the street yesterday.

Back to normal….

Things on St. Thomas…or at least for me (I think St. Thomas is as normal as ever, if you can consider St. Thomas normal!), are getting back to normal. I finally have internet back at my home & office. I do apologize for the lack of blog posts, but for the past few weeks, I’veContinue Reading

Hurricane Earl

Please be patient with us as we deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Earl. My office is still without power but I am travelling wherever I need to be to get internet connection and get caught up on emails. A huge apology to any clients that received 10 or more emails in a row fromContinue Reading