Monthly Archives: April 2012

One last Carnival post…

Allow me to be a glowing mother for a moment….

 My baby Maya weaseled her way into the parade.

My big girl Marley, her first time being in the parade! Proudly marching with her school.

Proud momma! The very best part of my job is the flexibility it allows me to be there for my girls on days like this. You can be I’m going to be one annoying “mother of the bride” when their big days arrive!

It’s THISTLE season

I just added almost 20 new bouquet pictures to our photo albums and a lot (a lot!) had thistle in it. Must be thistle season! I love the look of them on a boutonniere. They should be nicknamed “man flower”. Who says the bouquet has to be blue to include thistle?


Carnival Time in the VI! Such a great time to be married – just look at the photo ops! Want to get married during Carnival? If you’re on-island now, it’s not too late – but if you aren’t lucky enough to be here, come down in July! St. John Carnival is the first week ofContinue Reading

New, fresh and exciting (for me at least)

My new elements are starting to arrive in the mail and yesterdays wedding was the first that I could do one of our newest aisles. I loved the results – what do you think? Nice white starfish, bright green moss balls and beachy driftwood. I love how it all came together. I have a goalContinue Reading

Thank you Amber!

Amber was a bride of mine from January. She recently sent me the link to her photographers blog with pictures of her wedding day – just gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing and congrats on a gorgeous wedding! Part 1: (these really highlight how bringing your photographer along for the cruise can yield some reallyContinue Reading

Lemonade in a mason jar…ahhhh….

As you know, I am now on Pinterest and loving all the new ideas. Our wedding last Friday on Lime Tree Beach had lemonade for guests to enjoy after the ceremony and of course, I had to replicate the mason jar idea I found. I think I came out really cute, what do you think?