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Some Pinterest Faves this week..

Going To The Chapel, Going To Get Married.

I’m in Indiana today to attend my brothers wedding. This is a big deal folks, as no one ever thought the boy would get married! He’s been single for the past 10 years! My husband had to stay behind to help with the weddings I would be missing while I’m away but my daughters areContinue Reading

Sailing away….

Island Sweet Stuff Isn’t that cake amazing? Created by the talented Island Sweet Stuff team. Even though it’s a boat and not a plane, it reminds me to tell you I’m taking off tomorrow! The timing could not be any worse, but my big brother has decided to get married!! Unfortunately, it’s HIGH SEASON aroundContinue Reading

I adore this favor idea…

I’ve looked around on Pinterest a little lately at destination wedding favors. I’ve had a few brides recently asking for ideas so I was looking for something new & unique. I think I found it! Fedoras for the boys: Shawls for the ladies: S Or a fun help yourself station with fans, hats, shawls, etc:Continue Reading

A new romantic arch….

I’m starting to see a new trend in archways… I tried to get a picture of the ceremony but I don’t like to be intrusive so I stayed in the very back and then the real photographers are always in my way! You can see them both crouched down in the aisle in the photosContinue Reading

March Re-Cap!

Oh, to be in the throws of busy season…it is just nuts! I feel like I am either at a wedding or I am behind the computer 24/7. It’s a good thing I love my job! I can’t imagine doing anything else. But during busy season…my mind can wander to the the beach, or aContinue Reading

Congrats to Olive & Nathan!

I can’t say how much this video made me smile! It’s just gorgeous – thank you to Chris Angeles Films! Olive & Nathan flew Chris in just to film the wedding and I can see why. Great work! And check out the photos by Elisha Orin Did Olive and Nathan hit the talent jackpot orContinue Reading

April Fools! But it’s not a joke…

So remember the puppies I was fostering? They *almost* have new homes. We are now fostering little baby boy kittens! Would any of my April or May brides like to take one home?! This is St. Croix (he’s the biggest) This is St. Thomas The all black one is St. John (he’s the smallest) NextContinue Reading