The florist and I have recently developed a three tier price for maids flowers. The pricing starts at $30, then $55 and then $75. I know this will create a lot of questions about the differences so what better way to highlight it than a blog post!?

A $30 price point is going to be just a small gathering of flowers, probably 5 or 6 blooms, a little greenery and some ribbon tied neatly around the middle. It won’t look like a traditional maids bouquet but almost as if she had just picked some flowers. Here is a photo of 2 $30 small gatherings next to a brides bouquet:

The $75 price is what we consider a “standard” maids bouquet. Nice full bouquet but smaller than the brides bouquet.

The $55 price is what I call a “happy medium” – this bouquet looks like a traditional bouquet but is smaller than the standard bouquet but fuller than the smaller gathering.

Now bridal bouquets start at $110 but you can always request a maids bouquet instead of a bridal bouquet as well.

Hope this was helpful!