I had the privilege last month to coordinate a wedding at villa Norbu. This is not a villa that can rented for a week long stay, but is specifically designed for wedding & events. And specifically designed it is! Every detail of this place is completely thought out and top notch. The owners, Alain & Soolan Brin, are also the owners of Blue Glass Photography. Having such an intimate relationship with the wedding business, having been to millions of receptions, they knew exactly what was needed for a reception venue and nailed it.

I of course brought my camera along to share with you!

A few fun details provided by the bride.I thought her place cards were a great idea – each color represented a different type of entree which guests had pre-selected. It’s always a great idea to have a way for the waitstaff to know who ordered what because guests never remember that when a waiter asks them what they ordered.

Very popular this year has been customized drink stirrers – they really add some color to the bar.

Guests made their way down a long path of stone staircases to reach the stone patio with amazing ocean views.

Back upstairs, dinner was set up under a beautiful white tent (what bride doesn’t love a little rain security?!).

Gorgeous chiavari chairs and linens. Each place setting also had a fun little shell napkin ring.

Dancing by the pool after dinner…

Guests just raved about what a beautiful venue it was – I love when the wedding & reception is the highlight of everyone’s Virgin Islands experience!