Hello all! Just a quick blog entry while I’m thinking about this particular topic. A few weeks ago, I posted a link to an Etsy seller on my Facebook page with a picture of an adorable name card holder. Did you miss it? If so, here it is!

These are by Gallery360 – I think the price of $80 for 50 holders is pretty good. Now you may be thinking, are these really necessary? Cute yes, but many of the cards come as “tent style” where they stand up on their own.

Well, they are necessary! 98% of the receptions we do here are outdoor which means there is a very good chance a breeze is going to sweep through here and there. And when a breeze comes through, we have this:

Or all over the floor, garden, sand, etc. This picture really doesn’t do justice to just what the wind can do. At Villa Botanica, we had namecards set up on a table in the garden – a nice gust of wind came through a blew three or four of them into the pond!

My final thoughts:

– Name cards and assigned seating are definitely a good thing.
– Name card holders are even better!