A truly lovely story featured on Boston.com of love & survival. Check it out here. Images beautifully captured by Anne BEQUETTE of STJ Creative Photography.

Their story was painfully familiar. My husband was in St. Thomas for Irma and I watched in dread (safely from Florida as I was evacuating Naples) as she approached the islands. Having seen what she had already done to St. Maarten and Barbuda, it was by far the scariest experience of my life. My heart broke as the hurricanes ravished the island and just like the article, my husband also rode out the worst of the storm huddled in a laundry room. No matter where you are born, if you’ve lived and loved in these islands, they are always a part of you. I married the love of my life there, had my two babies there, and started my business (my 3rd baby really) there. These islands are so special and I love that these two honored their love for the islands by having their engagement photos done here…because amongst the ruins, there is still so much beauty.