My husband and I spent the last five days in Vieques, a small island just south of Puerto Rico (and also a party of the US territory). Vieques is very much different than of the Virgin Islands. It is predominately Spanish/Latino. It is incredibly under developed. One resident called it “St. John….just 30 years ago”. And it’s a gorgeous location for a wedding.

There’s not too many places in the world where wild horses will drink out of your pool.

Vieuqes has amazing beaches for ceremonies.

As well as gorgeous villas for receptions.

The W is the main resort on the island, with top notch service. Not quite top notch food & beverage though. My $18 margarita that was too terrible to even drink was a bit more than disappointing, but the beaches and pool on the property was amazing. I don’t think guests would complain too much surrounded by such beauty and service.

If you’re interested in a wedding in Vieques, please let us know. We’d love to return for more amazing events!