I am a favor nerd, I will totally admit it. Cake and favors are the two things I totally look forward to when I attend a wedding. Which is probably not what a lot of brides want to hear since the big trends lately have drifted to dessert tables instead of cakes and charity donations instead of trinkets. But I’m a traditionalist – I love the little tulle bags of Jordan Almonds and the big slice of cake with thick sugary butter cream frosting! And if I can, I always steal a second piece…at weddings I’m attending mind you, not the ones I’m coordinating. =)

A post or two ago I posted about my friend Maddie’s wedding here. As I was taking her and her groom (ooops! I mean, husband now!) back to the airport, I subtlety asked if they would be doing favors at their reception back in Indiana and had a plethora of ideas to share. Maddie actually already had in mind what she would like to do for favors, since she had attended a wedding last summer and loved their favor idea. This isn’t exactly what she described, but the best I could find online…

A coworker had silver drink stirrers, or swizzle sticks as favors. These pictured above are acrylic and can be personalized with your name & wedding dates were found at www.hqweddingfavors.com. Maddie says she uses hers all the time – which is exactly what you are looking for in a favor – something that won’t be tossed out at the end of the night or forgotten on the table! I like the silver idea best but couldn’t find any online in the short search that I did. I suggested adding a little something to make it more “Virgin Island-y” since this is where they were married. Why not attach the swizzler to a miniature bottle of local Cruzan Rum?

How cute could that be? A little bottle of rum and a silver swizzler at each place setting? Definitely appropriate for a drinking crowd, which I’m sure Maddie’s reception will fall into! And if you really feel confident about your crowd’s drinking abilities, just skip the swizzler and put a little shot glass at each setting with the bottle of rum inside!