Kate is guest blogging again for me today….I asked her to come up with some ideas for the blog and I loved her first idea of why she thinks a destination wedding is more than just a wedding, but a bonding experience between the bride & groom…


I met a couple while working that solidified my belief that there’s no better way to bond with your partner than to experience traveling together. They had never been anywhere new together and were telling me the things they had seen and done. They had only been together a year and still had quite a few things to learn about one another. When the groom was getting ready I had one on one time with the bride. She lit up with excitement and told me that she just knew he was right for her back home but since being away she felt like they were experiencing their wedding day with their best selves.


She explained to me how everything had been perfect and the few moments that were challenging for them and how they overcame it. What this bride was experiencing is what many experience when going somewhere new and with someone you love.


New experiences are what help build us and to create memories and when you travel together it releases chemicals in your brain which connect you and make you feel happier as a couple…its science! Traveling opens up your mind and helps you to see your partner in a new light.  A couple needs a change of scenery every once in a while to have new things to talk about and share new interests together. You experience new food, a different culture and a different routine together. Not only does your partner get to see a new place but they get to see it through your eyes as well.  Once your wedding day is complete you get to wake up in paradise the next day to your husband/wife. The memories you make together while traveling will stay with you throughout your years…and what better way to start than on your wedding day.