My brides are too sweet! I’m so flattered by all the nice reviews I’ve received on since my post last week. They’re so embarrassingly nice, I’m afraid people are going to think I made them up myself!!

I’ve sort of had the last week off – my parents were in town with another couple that they have been friends with for over 40 years. In fact, both couples were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary (married just two weeks apart). We had a little surprise vow renewal for Ruth & Larry Timm – luckily, after 40 years, neither have of them had any qualms about taking the plunge again! Congratulations to Ruth & Larry on their vow renewal and congratulations to both couples for putting up with each other for the last 40 years! =) In all honesty, I’d like to credit my parents for showing me what having a strong marriage is all about. I think that is why I love my job so much…seeing couples join together and starting off on a journey of wedded bliss…and nothing is more touching than witnessing a vow renewal when two people have been together for so long and are still so very much in love.