Are the unexpected surprises. We showed up to our wedding on Hawksnest Beach last Thursday morning to one extra guest (uninvited and not exactly welcomed) on the beach. Thankfully, our groom wasn’t unfamiliar with deer.

Virgin Islands Wedding

This was a little extra challenging when it came to photos. You can just barely see the “guest” in this background shot during the vows.

Yowza! Did I really post a picture of a dead deer on a wedding blog?! Some surprises are a little less, um….morbid. This bride & groom were enjoying a loving moment during their vows:
Virgin Islands weddings

They had brought their own iPod to play music during the ceremony and apparently forgot to take it off shuffle…so right in the middle of the vows, Marvin Gaye starts to encourage us all to “get it on”.

 That’s not the embarrassing part for this couple. The embarrassing part is that their three teenage and young adult children were watching. 
 We had such a good laugh! These kids were awesome by the way – this couple is definitely blessed with a beautiful family and one I’m sure they will always continue to laugh with, especially with boys like this: