We have a bridal bouquet post, a maids bouquet post and a centerpiece post but it’s finally the boys turn: a boutonniere post!

I’ve been wanting to do one for awhile now but recently our florist has asked for a change in the pricing for a boutonniere and I realized, now is the time! For years, our florist has included the grooms boutonniere in with the cost of the brides bouquet and each additional boutonniere was $10 each. But over the time, boutonnieres have received more attention and become more stylized.

Before I go any further on this post, I’m going to say that our florist will always match the boutonniere to the bouquet UNLESS request not to. A lot of brides will email me and ask if the boutonniere will match and I always wonder, “why wouldn’t it?!”. A florist isn’t going to add a bright red boutonniere when a bride has asked for soft peach and sage bouquet.

Back to our posting. 🙂

From now on we’ll have “simple” boutonnieres for $10 each or “premium” boutonnieres for $20 each. All bouquets included in the package will include a simple boutonniere but can be upgraded for $10. Simple boutonnieres will have 1 flower and a simple stem (no ribbon) such as this:

Sometimes they may add a 2nd bloom, but it will be up to the florist discretion.

The premium bouquets will have a ribbon or burlap wrap on them like this:

So I’ve gone through some of the boutonniere pictures I’ve collect and figured I would post them here and state whether they were “simple” or “premium” to give you an idea of what to expect.

These are examples of premium boutonnieres:

I know this boutonniere is small but it is considered premium due to the intricate twine wrap.

These are examples of “simple” boutonnieres:

Yes, this has a ribbon but the flower very small so its still considered simple

So I hope this helps when considering a boutonniere. Overall, you’ll need to make two decisions: which color you prefer and if you’d like to upgrade. And if you don’t have a preference on either, that’s OK too!