It’s been a crazy week and keeps getting crazier (in a good way of course). I feel like the Energizer Bunny on weeks like this, but I do like to stop and truly appreciate some of the emails I get. For example, this one arrived yesterday and put a smile on my heart:

Today is Ben and my 4th anniversary! Time has surely flown by. I went to your website when relating to some friends how wonderful our wedding was with you. (I keep some photos up at work)

Your website is FABULOUS!!!

Having enjoyed both you and your husbands planning and performing our service, I have to say the beautiful pictures capture just how wonderful the experience truly is! Lindquest Beach looks as perfect as ever!

Best of luck to you and your beautiful family. We hope to see run into you both again on the beach in the future!!

I love to hear from my past brides!! I am very thankful for having a job where I have the ability to really make others happy!