Or go small and do a grouping of four, that would be cool too!

I think there has been a trend in recent years for people to order framed canvas prints of their professional photography, as opposed to traditional framing. Pretty much every professional photographer out there can or will offer this product and it is one that I encourage everyone to consider. While canvas prints are not cheap, they are so unique and a different way to display your memories.

Last fall, my family had the pleasure of being photographed by Elisha Orin. Elisha gave me the CD of our images which gave me the freedom to order my own prints. But I wanted to order some canvas and I knew the best way to do this was with the photographer and going through their lab. Online canvas print shops are popping up everywhere online, cashing in on the canvas craze, but there are a few products that I believe should be ordered directly from the pro that took the image and a third party online (I’ll discuss the other products in another post). A few months ago I received a coupon in the mail for one of the online canvas shops and couldn’t pass up a good deal. I ordered a canvas print of a photo I had taken of my daughters. The 4×6 print looked very nice to me…and when I got the 16×20 canvas in the mail, I realized the baby had some serious gunk in her eye. A professional photographer is going to look over the image and do any touch ups that may be needed before going to print. As one local photographer told me…”a leaf in the sand in a 4×6 image may just look like a leaf in the sand, but when blown up to a large image – it may look like a large dog just visited the area right before the photo was taken, if you know what I mean…”. It’s true – a small glob of mascara on your eyelash in a small photo may not be noticeable but in a large print, may look like a horsefly!

Now that you’ve suffered through my lecture to order from your photographer, I’ll reward you with the images now proudly displayed in my home!