Chalkboards are HUGE this year. They are quaint, adorable, nostalgic…and so useful. Here are a few pinterest inspirations:

I have a lot of brides asking me if I have any chalkboard signs for them to rent. It’s a lot easier to rent then it is to ship, especially if you are in need of a large chalkboard. In fact, I have a lot of items that we rent out and plan to make a “rent-able album” in our photo albums this month. I will take a picture of all our chalkboard signs and include them in this album.

A lot of these signs I have purchased but a bride recently asked me about a chalkboard sign that would be big enough for her to write her menu on and display at the reception. I knew I didn’t have anything that big and I looked around a little online. You know what stinks about online shopping? The cost of shipping. So the creativity bug in me got moving and I headed to Home Depot (yes, we have one here!) and picked up this 24×24 board, primer and chalk board paint!

First I primed.

Then I painted.

Then I conditioned with chalk.

And it came out great! And cost very little to make! I was very proud of myself (patting myself on the back right now).

As soon as I have the rent-able album ready, I’ll be sure to post a link on our Facebook page and announce it here on the blog.

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